Traditional Bull Race

At last, last week I got chance to witness and capture a long awaited traditional bull race in outskirts of Islamabad, village called “Mohra Meera” near Rawat. My first impression was just WOW, a huge crowd was attending the sport event and I applause to local administration for wonderful arrangements for keeping alive the traditional healthy activity.

DSC_3237Bull racing is popular in the country’s (Pakistan) rural area due to its thrilling and aggressive nature. This is one of the region’s longest standing sports that can be compared with western horse racing.

Landlords and farmers from nearby villages and towns bring their strongest and fastest ones to compete in the races. The one winners gets valuable gifts such as Tractor or farming related equipment. DSC_3877Additionally there is cash prices in some cases.

A local villager who was serving as a management committee shown his excitement and passion just like as one you find in urban areas of our cities for Cricket :).

Held for over many years I witness that this sport demands amazing control, concentration, courage and jockey skills. They stand on a wooden platform and are dragged along a dusty road by a pair of bulls. The riders use sticks and shout continuously to try and keep the cattle running for the finishing line of around 350 meters race track.


The bulls must be steered between the poles which are spaced ten meters apart. If the bulls fail to finish between the poles or unseat the jockey then they are disqualified.


I feel really proud and excited to witness such rich traditional event of country and during the day all the negative aspects of this country were not at all present in my mind.


Lastly, I strongly recommend all readers to do try to attend such events either as a photographer or just a sport/action lover and be part of traditions and roots of this country.


If you want to keep updated about such events you may follow their Facebook page “Bull Race in Pakistan” –

Moiz Ismaili
Islamabad - 14th February 2016




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